Ant problems? Here’s how to get rid of them…

Generally most people don’t have a problem with ants until, of course, they start popping up in your home or working space. Then they start to become more than just a little annoying – not to mention a potential health risk. Chances are you’re familiar with the black garden ant. Despite its name, it’s actually very dark brown. They’re slightly easier to get rid of than the amber coloured Pharaoh ant.

Ants, by nature, are very busy, social creatures. Which is fine until it starts having an impact on you. As you may know, although they’ll eat most thing, they’ve got quite a sweet tooth.

Getting rid of Black Garden Ants

If you’ve got Black Garden Ants in the house, there are steps you can take to get rid of them:

  • 1) Find the nest entrance. Look for small piles of earth pellets – these are a great indication. Failing that, you can watch the ants moving back and forth from the nest. It’s a little more time consuming but it’s worth it.
  • 2) Pour boiling water over the nest. This is done as a first aid measure.
  • 3) Puff insecticidal powder into the hole.
  • 4) Apply insecticidal lacquer. Put this around door thresholds or any wall/floor junctions where ants run.

Getting rid of Pharaoh Ants

This is a little trickier. Typically, this tropical species are found in large, centrally heated buildings – like hospitals and high rise blocks of flats. Due to their small size, they’re a major hazard in hospitals. They can contaminate sterilised areas and access wounds, both of which can result in infection being spread. Due to their ability to split the colony, Pharaoh ants are pretty difficult to control. Baiting techniques are proven to be the most successful method. For this reason, it’s best to contact a professional pest controller such as Goodwin Pest Management. They’ll be able to handle the situation in a manner that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

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