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Why Choose GPM To Help You Manage Your Commercial Wildlife Infestation?

  • You’ll get a Fast, Discreet Service That Gets Results - Our technicians are experienced in dealing with rabbits, squirrels, moles and foxes, so they know what really works.
  • We’re Just 1 Call Away, 24/7 & 365 Days a Year - Our 24 hour Emergency Cover means we are here to help you, whenever your business needs us.
  • You’ll get a Same Day Response, Guaranteed! - Wildlife infestations can get out of control fast! That’s why we’ll always respond to your enquiry on the same day, so you don’t have to wait.
  • We’ll Aim to Solve Your Wildlife Problem without Culling - Using prevention tactics and live-trapping first, and only resorting to culling when it’s really necessary.
  • You Can Be Sure We’ll Be Humane - Sometimes culling is your only option. If this is the case for you then we’ll always use the most-humane option and ensure we comply with all legislation.

Effective Wildlife Management

Effective Wildlife Management

Wildlife pests can be a big problem for your business. From damaging your lawns and flowers, to making a mess with your garbage and increasing the risk of disease, there’s no denying that an infestation has to go. Foxes, moles, squirrels and rabbits are all common invaders, but there’s no need to worry. Here at Goodwin Pest Management we’ve got a solution for you. By assessing the cause of the problem and the extent of the damage caused, we’ll be able to provide you with a way to removes your pests and help prevent them from coming back in future.

When working with wildlife it’s important to deal with the issues humanely and us culling only as a last resort. We’ll always look for preventative measures or live-trapping first, finding out what encouraged them onto your property in the first place and making it much less inviting for them. Often that’s enough to solve the problem, but if your infestation is severe and culling is the best solution then you can be sure that we’ll do it humanely, discreetly and in line with all the relevant legislation.

A Commercial Wildlife Control Company You Can Trust With Your Business

A Commercial Wildlife Control Company You Can Trust With Your Business

Founded over 14 years ago, Goodwin Pest Management has been helping businesses to solve their wildlife infestations and protect their premises for over a decade. If you’re looking for a company that you can trust to solve your problem humanely, effectively and with the utmost discretion, then we can help you.

Combining the ethos of a family-run business with the extra man-power and experience of a larger company, we can offer you an exceptional service at a competitive price. As a registered Safe Contractor and a Council Approved pest management provider, a member of BPCA (British Pest Control Association), CEPA (Confederation of European Pest management) and a Which? Trusted Trader, we always deliver on our promise of a professional, reliable and effective service.

Our Commercial Wildlife Services Include:

Our Commercial Wildlife Services Include:

Rabbits: With a fast reproduction rate and the ability to withstand challenging conditions, rabbits can be a tricky pest to get rid of.  Over the years we’ve found a combination of culling, along with proofing and exclusion techniques to prevent them from returning, is often the best approach. Approved rabbit culling options include gassing, shooting, ferreting, snaring, trapping and long netting. More extensive, long-term techniques may include leveling of unwanted banks and the destruction of warren systems to prevent re-infestation.

Grey Squirrels: The tradition approach for squirrel removal is drey poking and shooting. Here at GPM we have other options available too, including prevention techniques, spring traps and live-trapping too.

Moles: Mole hills can be a big problem if your premises requires an attractive lawn. There are devices available to deter moles by interfering with the earth’s magnetic field, producing ultrasound or making a noise, but there isn’t much evidence to prove their efficacy. Traditional mole removal methods available with Goodwin Pest Management include prevention tactics, culling, trapping and gassing.

Foxes: Foxes are a tricky problem to overcome because they are protected under a series of Wildlife protection laws, including The Animal Welfare Act 2006. This means you can be jailed for up-to 6 months and fined up-to £20,000 for poisoning, gassing, asphyxiating, maiming, stabbing, impaling, drowning, clubbing and most forms of snaring. Here at Goodwin Pest Management we can help you solve your fox problem with legal solutions such as deterrents, proofing and if necessary humane traps that abide by the rules and regulations.

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Quality & Training Manager of a Pharmaceutical Printing Company

We are a GMP Pharmaceutical and BRC approved site and have been using Goodwin Pest Management for more than 11 years, they have always been there to take care of any pest or rodent issues that we have had, offering a reliable professional service, responding quickly and professionally to any emergencies. They have good knowledge of our standards and business needs and therefore provide good advice for continued improvement. We will continue to use Goodwin Pest Management and recommend them to anyone who needs professional, honest pest services.


Head of Facilities & IT of a Private member club London

Goodwin Pest Management have been working with us since 2014. They came to us highly recommended. I have not been disappointed. I have found the whole team to be reliable, thorough and detail orientated. As well as working with us to control pests they regularly take the time to discuss things we need to change or avoid doing to prevent further problems. From my experience Goodwin Pest Management always go above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend their service.